Our Misson

A world in which every child is empowered to achieve more

Our Story

We want kids around the world to dream big; To spread their wings and break free of the boundaries that previously stopped them from being their best.

Let Kids Fly Foundation’s mission is to provide targeted, meaningful and sustainable assistance to disadvantaged children around the world, our current projects are focused on South East Asia in Sri Lanka.

We aim to provide a solution to the structural barriers that many communities face in gaining access to education and utilising that education in a meaningful and productive way. These solutions include direct financial and non-financial assistance, supporting existing systems of education and training, and the development of new programs to complement those existing systems including mentoring and coaching programs.

These aims serve a simple purpose; We want to provide children around the world with access to opportunities that they previously did not know about or did not think was within their reach. We want to broaden their horizons and encourage them to pursue their true passions. In doing so we hope to break the cycles of poverty and disadvantage that have previously spread across generations, and work to bridge the access gap for everyone, regardless of their background.

Our Approach

We want to take a holistic approach for how we plan to help realise our vision. Our plan is to treat both the body and the mind through a series of projects and programs as we identify the kids we can help through our work.

Body : Health and Wellbeing of children (Phase 1)

We have successfully completed Phase 1 of our program, where we identified a school in a remote village in Sri Lanka with 40 children with little to no support from any institutions. Most of the kids in this school could not afford breakfast before they attended school in the morning. Our initial project was to provide a healthy body for the kids through a regular meal program together with basic school supplies. This initial project proved to be a great way to better understand the needs of these children and improve how we provide the right type of help at the right time.

Mind : Help envision a better future (Phase 2)

Phase 2 is focused on the mind and is the current focus of our efforts. We look to address this through a number of activities.

  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Connectivity and computing
  • Education support through scholarships to provide better industry opportunities

Meet the Team


Kali Weerasekera


_MG_7540 - Copy

Vajira Weerasekera



Viran Weerasekera


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Yanik Weerasekera


How you can help

If you are also passionate about this mission, join us by either volunteering with some of our projects or by making a donation towards our projects. 100% of the donations are invested in supporting the projects.

How our projects are funded

At present, we fund the projects through these funding sources:

  1. Proceeds from the book Motivating Mavericks - The secret to high performing teams by Vajira Weerasekera are dedicated to supporting both the Let Kids Fly mission (50%) and the Shanthi Foundation (50%)
  2. Donations from our supporters.
  3. The Run for Life Project, Moon shot challenge started in 2021 is contributing 100% of the donation to Let Kids Fly mission and all of that funding is directed towards the scholarship program we support. The Run for Life Project
  4. Life of the Run book was published as a result of the Run for Life Project moon shot challenge. 100% of the profits from the book is donated to the Let Kids Fly mission.  Life of the run

How you can get involved

We are always looking for people to either become ambassadors of our mission or join as volunteers to support our projects. Please get in touch with us via info@letkidsfly.org.

You can also make either a one-off donation or a recurring donation through our website.

Charity Registration

Let Kids Fly is a registered charity with ACNC (Australian Charities and Not-for-profit Commission) ABN 79573876880.