Thank you for your support and joining us to create a world in which every child is empowered to realise their full potential.
100% of your donations are directed towards the program. All admin and related expenses are supported through the committee.

Your support through this sponsorship will make a significant difference to these children’s education.
You can make a donation and support us for a scholarship or make a general contribution, which will go towards school supplies we arrange for the kids.

There are three ways you can get involved in the scholarship programs.

  • You can sponsor a Blue Pencil scholarship (3 year commitment of AUD $550 per year)
  • You can donate any amount towards the scholarship fund (we will pool this money to create scholarships)
  • You can create a scholarship under your own name (3 year commitment of AUD $550 per year) – For this option contact

Eagle Scholarship

Personal Info

Donation Total: $550.00 Yearly

School Supplies

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Donation Total: $50.00 One Time