Learn more about the Scholarship Program

Some of our Scholarship Recipients

Blue Pencil Scholarships

  • Kalana Anjula Pollwatta
  • K.A Thakshila Lakshani
  • M.H Chamara Nuwan Pathirana

Green Pencil Scholarships

  • E.M.S Sanjali Herath
  • Pamali M P Hewage

The KC3 Education Scholarship

  • D.P.Nayomi Wasana Madhumanthi

Scholarship Program

Blue Pencil (නිල් පැන්සල)

This Scholarship program helps a student graduate from University. It will provide assistance through 4-5 years of university education depending on each student's university course.

The KC3 Education Scholarship 

A special scholarship set up by one of our generous donors to provide assistance through the university education program.

Green Pencil (කොල පැන්සල) (Pilot program completed)

Prepares a student to enter University. It will provide support and contribute towards education as the child prepares for the university entrance exams. (The Green Pencil scholarship is no longer provided, as our focus is on the Blue Pencil scholarship program)


Toy Drive - for kids in hospital

We are organising a collection of used toys for child patients at the Kandy Teaching Hospital’s Ophthalmology Unit, Sri Lanka.
We are collecting used toys for children up to the age of 12 years. The main purpose of this project is to create a more positive and comfortable environment for children at the hospital, to reduce the fear commonly associated with hospitals and to better facilitate positive relationships between the child and the doctors.

Why only used toys?

First we want to be environmentally responsible by finding a way to put used toys to good use. Secondly, it encourages care and empathy in our own children by donating their toys to someone less fortunate.

The plan
• We plan to send a shipment of toys every 3 months.
• We are looking for used toys only, that are in good condition.
• Colouring / drawing material and books for up to 8 yrs are also appreciated.

How to deliver your toys

Please get in touch with with us here 

Other ways to contribute:
Should you wish to contribute monetarily, you can donate towards shipping and handling charges.

For information regarding the hospital please visit: Srilankaeyefoundation.org

Breakfast Program (Completed)

The first project we initiated was sponsoring a food program for the kids of Mudukotuwa West Maha Vidyalaya. Located 3 hours east of Colombo, Sri Lanka, this school caters for 40 kids ranging from first grade to tenth grade.

This project engaged members of the local community, who assisted in the preparation and distribution of food to the students. This ensured that the program was sustainable, and had additional benefits for those in the school's surrounding area.

Other projects in pipeline

  • Exploring the impact of lack of access to female sanitary products for young adults in Sri Lanka.
  • Providing access to technology, connectivity, sporting programs and mentoring in schools.
  • How to support better spoken English skills to kids in rural schools.